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Spiralite is circular and flat oval non-metallic insulated AC air duct that has numerous advantages over traditional GI ducts. Its lightweight, robustness, optimal airflow, and thermal performance offer numerous benefits in weight, space, time, cost and energy consumption. These benefits provide unrivalled whole-of-life cost advantages.

Through optimal thermal and airflow efficiencies, the use of Spiralite generates energy savings in the operation of the AC system, measured at up to 58%. While HVAC makes up to 30% of the cost of a building over its lifetime, and AC ductwork is a substantial component of that, there is no ductwork product other than Spiralite that effectively reduces the energy usage and cost.

Furthermore, with a significantly lower carbon footprint (embodied energy) than metal ductwork and its other environmental attributes (no VOCs, CFC/HCFC/HFCs, Low GWP, Zero ODP, recycled and recyclable, minimal site wastage, up to 85% transport savings, lower water consumption, lower use of depleting resources, etc), Spiralite offers optimal sustainability over the lifetime of the installation.

Spiralite ductwork is approved for use by major local and international MEP consultants and is compliant with the relevant building codes and local authority regulations. Due to its environmental and sustainability credentials, it was adopted by Masdar, included in The Future Build portal and secured ADQCC Trustmark certification. Its use can therefore play a role in optimising performance standards and credit awards under the Estidama/Pearl, Dubai Municipality/Al Safat, BREEAM, LEED, Singapore GBP, Green Star and other global environmental assessment and rating programmes.

Spiralite is manufactured, distributed and installed exclusively from our new state-of-the-artfactory  in Technopark, Dubai South, from where the products are distributed to the UAE, the GCC and global markets.

Applications of Spiralite

Spiralite ductwork is suitable where there is a requirement for insulated HVAC ductwork and it should always be more cost effective that the equivalent GI plus insulation.

Furthermore, it is particularly efficient and cost-effective where there is any concern for Indoor Air Quality and in the following applications:

  1. Medical and sterile applications with our unique anti-microbial inner laminate
  2. Large and high-level ductwork installed in steel structure buildings – significant weight and installation time savings
  3. Retail and other applications with exposed ductwork where an aesthetically pleasing finish is required
  4. Modular applications where speed and consistent quality are important considerations
  5. Where specialized ductwork is required, such as non-ferrous, stainless steel, double-sided insulated ducts, etc.
  6. External ductwork with our weatherproof laminate (instead of metal cladding) – single application as opposed to up to 5 separate applications with metal ductwork
  7. Plant room, risers and other areas where our additional laminates add extra strength
  8. Retrofit projects where there is often a problem with space, weight and the flexibility of the installation

Advantages Of Spiralite – Summary

    • Saves weight – up to 85% lighter than metal ductwork plus insulation
    • Saves time – quick and easy installation with only one fit only for both the ductwork and the installation
    • Saves space – smallest possible ductwork for given airflows, no extra space required for the insulation
    • Saves costs –
      a. CAPEX – installed cost should always be less expensive than the metal plus insulation alternative; potential to reduce capacity and cost of AHU’s and other plant due to increased airflow efficiencies
      b. OPEX – savings from the operation of the AC system, including energy, cleaning and maintenance
    • Offsite fabrication improves quality and reduces waste
    • Quicker and easier delivery to site and manual handling
    • Optimal fire properties for a standard insulation material
    • Optimal thermal properties for a standard insulation material
    • Enhanced acoustic performance
    • Quick and easy variations and repairs
    • Quick and easy defect rectifications
    • Less accumulation and adherence of dirt; easier to clean and less regular cleaning required
    • Optimal airflow performance from rounded shape, airtightness, pressure resistance, lower static friction and pressure drops
    • Internal connections and built-in vapour barriers allow no thermal bridging and condensation
    • Phenolic insulation is >90% closed cell and non-porous, so negligible degradation from moisture
    • Chemically resistance to chlorine and sodium chloride and all other common chemicals, so ideal for swimming pool and maritime environments
    • Significant health and safety advantages – no sharp edges, inert materials, no VOCs, no hot cutting, no heavy lifting, easy working at height, etc.
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