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Sustainability Through Innovation
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Khansaheb History

Established in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 1935, Khansaheb delivers a diverse portfolio of construction and facilities management services and solutions to major local, regional and international blue-chip clients. Widely admired as pioneers in the construction and real estate industry, Khansaheb has helped to play a key role in the growth and development of the UAE by consistently delivering sustainable world-class solutions for all types of building and infrastructure projects.

From the initial brief, right though to design, procurement, delivery and after-care of many special and iconic projects in both the UAE and beyond, Khansaheb has harnessed a strong reputation for utmost professionalism, integrity and quality underpinned by reliable delivery and ultimate customer satisfaction in every instance.

Khansaheb has become a trusted partner to the Dubai Government as well as many large-scale private developments that have relied on the company to deliver numerous key projects across Dubai and the wider Emirates. These include the award-winning Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa, the Dubai International Convention Centre and the hugely popular Mall of the Emirates.

Khansaheb Industries

Khansaheb Industries is a subsidiary of Khansaheb Investments, which has been created to recognize the UAE’s evolution into a mature and thriving economy driven by knowledge, innovation, sustainability and world-class manufacturing.

Khansaheb Industries was established with a mission to introduce the latest innovative energy-efficient products and technologies into the local and regional markets. As a start, we acquired the Global Intellectual Property Rights of Spiralite insulated non-metallic HVAC ductwork. In addition to several prestigious projects in the UAE, Spiralite has been installed in the international markets in the U.K., the USA, Ireland, Spain, Singapore and Oman, to name a few.

A Rich Heritage

Successfully in business for more than 80 years, the Khansaheb Family are recognised as leaders and innovators in both the UAE and the Gulf, having founded the first local contracting business in the UAE in 1935. Ever since, Khansaheb has harnessed its strong reputation through utmost professionalism, integrity and quality supported by reliable delivery and has become the go-to provider for clients who seek fast track, high quality construction.

Khansaheb Industries follows this tradition through the introduction of ground breaking innovations into the UAE. Spiralite is widely regarded as being the best performing ductwork available in the global market and offers optimal airflow and thermal efficiency, with unrivalled whole-of-life cost savings over the lifetime of a building.

The Importance of Sustainability

Sustainability is the key attribute underpinning all the products and activities of Khansaheb Industries and comes from our recognition that lowering the carbon footprint of the planet is the responsibility of every individual and organisation. We take this obligation very seriously and put it at the forefront of any business opportunity. This ensures that all buildings are future-proofed and can be enjoyed by future generations without compromising the environment in which we live and on which we depend.

Khansaheb Industries is justifiably able to claim that Spiralite is the most sustainable and energy efficient AC ductwork, that has been widely recognized for its green credentials, including recognition from the Emirates Green Building Council and Green Emirates, selection for the Masdar The Future Build portal, membership of the Energy Efficiency Partnership, certification as a Low Carbon Business and Trustmark Certification from the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council.

As our highest priority, all Khansaheb Investment’s real estate developments are designed and built to be fully sustainable, energy efficient and future proof, an important part of our legacy.

Our latest sustainable development, the Mirdif 35 lifestyle center has been rated a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold standard while our LEED Platinum (the very highest achievable standard) workers accommodation, is currently the sole LEED Platinum building in the whole of the UAE and houses 3,600 people.

Management Team

Managing Director

Amer Abdulaziz Khansaheb is the Managing Director of Khansaheb Investment, a UAE family business with investments in Construction, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Healthcare and Leisure. His expertise includes Real Estate Development, Construction Management, Financial Analysis, and Business Management. Amer graduated from the American University of Beirut with a degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering in 2005. In 2009, he received his MSc in Project Management from the British University in Dubai. He has been a CFA Charterholder since 2010.

Managing Director

Abdulrahman Abdulaziz Khansaheb is the Managing Director of Khansaheb Industries, a director in Khansaheb Investment, and a director in Clemenceau Medical Centre Dubai. A Civil Engineer by background who graduated from the American University of Beirut with distinction, and completed his Master of Science in Project and Enterprise Management from University College London. In the past he has held several operational positions including a directorship in Khansaheb Civil Engineering.